Concrete Painted Pools 

Apart from the vinyl liner pools, Concrete painted pools would have to be the most common pool in New Zealand.

As we at The Pool Guys do a lot of pool refurbishments, painted pools is what we come across most often! Looked after right they can be a great asset to you, your family and your property. They do require more maintenance and be recoated more often but on the plus side you can change the colour if the mood takes you!

There are typically two types of pool paint; Chlorinated rubber paint and epoxy paint.

Chlorinated rubber paint:

Has been a very popular paint that a DIY job can be done (and has been for years) it does have a very small amount in flexibility. The down side of this product is quality, the life span on this pool paint is only a few year, depending on how it’s looked after, but typically only a few years life before resurfacing would need to be done.

Epoxy paint: (recommended)

This two pot epoxy paint has been becoming more and more popular over the years (and the only paint we use) and the swimming pool paint range is specifically formulated to provide the best protection, wear and tear resistance and offers a long term solution to your swimming pool problems.

Epoxy pool paint provides a decorative, smooth, seamless and easy clean pool surface season after season.


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