Fibreglass Pools 

The Pool Guys are experts when it comes to fibreglass pools, from design to installation to ongoing pool maintenence. Over the past 25+ years fiberglass pools have become one of the most popular finishes in the pool industry. Technology has come a long way too with the improvements of options and colours.

Our fiberglass pools are built on site so we are not limited to a brochure specific size, shape and step configuration (most drop in pools have a much smaller floor which makes the sides be on a angle, up to 400mm in some cases!).

We can custom design any shape, steps and swim seat configuration, fiberglass pools are more hassle-free and easy to maintain. They feature a non-porous coating, durable, have flexibility and the structure is fully protected from leaks and more importantantly in Canterbury cracks. We apply a Gel coat finish which helps prevent mold and algae although water balancing is still the most important thing for any pool!

You also don’t have the same concern of worry when there is large temperature swings which can cause cracking in painted and plaster surfaces. Call The Pool Guys to discuss your ideas today 027 5627 457


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