Swimming Pool Repairs for Christchurch

The Pool Guys understand how frustrating and difficult pool problems can be. The actual repair issue can often be difficult to diagnose and usually impossible to fix on your own. Luckily, the Pool Guys are here to offer high-quality swimming pool repairs at competitive prices for customers in Christchurch and the greater Canterbury area.

Our Repair Services

Above Ground Swimming Pool Repairs

The most common problem with above ground swimming pools are leaks that develop in the walls. Whatever material your pool is made from, we can quickly and accurately identify any leak and provide pool wall repairs.

Inground Swimming Pool Repairs

Leaks and other problems with inground swimming pools are usually less common but can be more difficult to fix. Accessing issues often means working underwater; whether there are hairline cracks in pool plaster or damage to pool tiles, The Pool Guys can take care of it.

Repairs for Diverse Pool Types

Our experienced team is able to carry out repairs on many different pool types, including:

  • Fibreglass pools
  • Concrete pools
  • Pools with tile finishes
  • Pools with marble or Quartzon finishes

What We Can Repair Swimming Pool Leaks & Cracks

Over time your swimming may experience leaks or cracks. Fortunately our team can handle a wide range of swimming pool repairs including fixing leaks and leak detection. We can also repair cracks that have appeared in your swimming pool.

We Can Also Fix

The Pool Guys are equipped to handle other typical swimming pool repair jobs such as:

  • Pool equipment repair
  • Sewer line leak repair
  • Pipe network pressure testing
  • Underwater surface and structural repair
  • Pool maintenance services

At times, something is wrong with your pool, your filtration system or some other element of your pool set up, but you can’t work out exactly what. Don’t worry, our team can troubleshoot the problem and help you find a solution.

Choose the Best Team for Your Repairs

Our team is fully licensed and we pride ourselves on being swimming pool experts. We focus on providing excellent customer service for all work performed, whether repairs, installation, renovation, or maintenance. You can trust our team to do the best job possible.

Get in Touch Today

If you have a hairline crack in your pool plaster or need pool wall repairs, pool leak repairs or any other repair services, contact us today. You can call us on 027 5627 457 for a free estimate or fill out our simple online contact form.

Repairing the tiles in a swimming pool


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